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Looking to increase your product exposure, reduce returns and remain competitive? Or maybe you just want to create some impressive digital content for your items. Create a digital clone of your product that your customer can interact with in their own space, using their own phone. Take the opportunity to impress your audience and increase engagement with your items with the next medium of digital advertising.

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Starting FALL 2019

The future of AR content creation

Led by the iPhone, mobile cameras and sensors continue to evolve leaving no doubt that the future of AR and VR content creation will be self service. With Self Capture, you can stay ahead of the curve by using the latest technology available today to capture qualifying objects. Be the first to receive updates as this technology improves and lowers the economic barrier to what is possible.


Collaborate with Designers 

We believe in today's environment, the best results are achieved when humans and technology come together in perfect harmony. With Assisted Capture, you can get connected to a qualified AR designer and collaborate in real time to get the best results in the shortest time   possible. Additionally, we strive to 

combine and provide the latest Cloud 

Image Processing, Automation, and 

Machine Learning technology as tools for you and your designer to utilize, in 

this ever improving collaborative 



Stream the latest AR content 

We want to help evolve Augmented Reality beyond just the few niche applications it is currently being utilized in. This is why we are focused on developing and curating the latest exciting products which are uniquely relevant to AR, and can be accessed right from the browser! Bring products into your space, share them with your friends, and when you are ready to own, easily find and place an order with just a few taps. 


Combine your favourite products

Aside from the ability to quickly view products in AR, you can also create a list of products and view them all within the same space. Imagine, being able to try a speaker from one store and see how it looks with a decor you are considering from another store; or design your fitting room and set the mood as you try-on different accessories, all in the comfort of your home. The possibilities to engage with AR content are truly endless.


A steady stream of new products

We believe a great AR experience includes an abundance of new and interesting content. Without getting too technical, our models are created so that they are lightweight and therefore can be quickly published and accessed over the network. This means we can list products as soon as we have them available, so that you'll want to visit us everyday for fresh, exciting content and be exposed to your future favourite brands.

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