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Create. Vew.

An Augmented Reality creation and publishing platform
Enter the Metaverse


Launch into Augmented Reality

Looking to increase your exposure and remain competitive? Or maybe you just want to create some next-gen digital content. Take the opportunity to impress your audience and cut through the noise with the next chapter of digital content.

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Collaborate with Designers 

The best results are achieved when humans and technology come together in perfect harmony. With Assisted Capture, you can get connected to a qualified designer and collaborate using tools in real time to get great results in the shortest time possible.


Winter 2021

Genorative AR content creation

With Self Create, you can unlock your phone's powerful camera array to create generative content using the LiDAR scanner. Mint those items directly to NFT and allow them to be collected by your audience.

Create AR

Manage exposure

The AR content you create on Vew can be published right to the browser! This means you can publish the content on any website in addition to social media accounts. Allow audiences to see your item in their space from your website!

Browse AR

Interactive NFTs

Whether its art, product merchandise, or both, creating a version where people can view your items in their own space helps expand your story beyond its current borders. With the emergence of NFTs you can now monetize your story in a way that's never been done before! See here to learn more!

Made on Vew.

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Become a Design Partner

Have experience with 3D Modeling and Augmented Reality? Become a partner and get connected with our e-commerce community. Tell us a little about yourself and your experiences. We'll be in touch.






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