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What is Vew?


Why AR for Brands?

Everything you need to know in 2020


Augmented Reality is the next format revolutionizing digital media, much like video formats did in the in the mid 2000s.

But there are even more reasons, so keep reading!

Get Started

It's 2020 and advances in mobile cameras, sensors, machine learning, and 5G are paving the road for the mass creation and consumption of mixed reality. At the same time, audiences are experiencing fatigue as a result of content overload, and the attention economy, creating a shift in consumer behavior. We now find ourselves in the perfect storm of technological innovation, and a change in consumer expectations, which is fuelling a limited time opportunity to capitalize, and thrive in this new landscape. 

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Today the exchange of value starts as soon as you make contact with your audience. As marketers we strive to find ways to provide an engaging experience that will not only educate, but also build an intrinsic interest in our brands. With Augmented Reality (AR) you are able to display your products in ways your customers haven’t thought of before, and provide the value of entertainment to earn more of their attention.

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Increase Engagement

Immersive and interactive content will increase user engagement, as shown by the success of Instagram Effects. By breaking through the noise of traditional advertising, you'll lower the CPC of your ads. With AR you can capture your audience’s attention for longer and spark engaging conversations from your posts. Take advantage of the new organic search algorithms which are rewarding pages with AR content!

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Every generation gives birth to a media format that is more engaging than its predecessor. AR is the new wave of media- similar to what video was to the internet in 2004. Make use of AR by having your items change colors, expand, or even animate a desired action all within your audiences environment. Brands taking advantage of AR have seen reduced sales cycles, less returns and a dramatic increase in conversion rates!

How it works

1. Download Vew for the iPhone on the Apple App Store or from here.

2. Navigate to "Create AR", then tap on "Assisted Capture".

3. Share a few photos, a link or any other information of the item you are looking to create.

4. A new project will then be created for you with a designer in an environment where you can share more assets, perform a scan if needed and get visibility into the creation process. 

5. Once your project is complete, you will have access to your new experience.

6. Through Vew, publish your new content in your existing marking campaigns such as your website, through a QR code, and many more!

7. Receive updates to your experience and continue to improve it as the technology improves!



  • Unique object creation from scratch

  • Simple or multi-object experience creation

  • Object variations

  • Experience Management & Customization

  • Add motion animation, exploded views, interactions and anything else you can think of! 

  • Add experience hosting and supported. Access through a link to embed into your website or through a custom QR code!

  • Exports for iOS, Android, & Facebook.

  • Create for Instagram effects!


All its Benefits

Available now!

AR is no longer just an interesting, yet impractical medium. But you might still be wondering about the practical use-cases of your experiences. Below, you can learn all about the viable and immediate applications and publishing opportunities of this rising category of visual media!

Publish AR

Publish to your website!

One major development moving AR forward is WebAR. This means you no longer have to spend thousands developing your own custom application, only to have to spend thousands more driving traffic to it. As long as you have the content created, you will be able to easily embed it into your product page- right next to the images and videos! And it's as easy as embedding a YouTube video! Check out the implementation here. You can see Google using WebAR for animals here. 

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Create Practical Demonstrations

Most people are visual learners. However, many products like furniture or DIY kits often include non-intuitive instructions that can feel more like homework. With animations and interactions you can create fun and practical demonstrations of how an item can be assembled. Furthermore, seeing it all come together in front of you can really encourage people of all ages to learn and get involved with new projects! 


Create Interactive Games

Entertainment has a way to get us engaged more than any other category. Therefore, one of the most exciting applications of AR is gaming! Most people think of games as a fairly involved process with consoles and joysticks. But the growing popularity of casual gaming over iMessage and other social platforms is evidence that most people love this type of engagement. Once you've created an experience with your product, imagine combining it with other items and offering that to your audience as an interactive game. You can even create contests!

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Create Video Content on the Go!

As you probably already know, creating content for your brand is the most important factor to your social success. With AR you can easily record video captures of your items against a variety of beautiful and situational settings! This gives you the ability to create evergreen/

abundant content without having to carry your product to different locations to do so. You can also encourage your audience to create their own video content using the AR experience and incentivize them to do so!


Publish Playlists!

Once you have a few of your items created in AR you can offer them as collections. What this means is that you can include a few of your items which complement each other in a single experience. This gives your audience the ability to freely move them around in any given space! Of course furniture skateboards and vertical art 

are some of the products which immediately come to mind, but the use of collections is only limited by the imagination.


Publish as Instagram/Facebook & Snap Chat Filter

You've probably noticed many viral hits on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more recently TikTok with some form of AR. While most people call these "effects" or "filters", they are early forms of AR and can leave a lasting impression on audiences. Up until now, these have been mostly limited to face masks. However, as the technology improves, these applications will soon be able to support photorealistic content, similar to the content made on Vew for the browser. Currently you can publish many non-photorealistic experiences on these platforms which can still bring significant attention to your brand!

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