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  • But will my item look real?
    Vew's framework for creation is optimized to yield the best results currently possible in AR. This means you'll get photorealistic content for your items published to the Safari mobile browser and soon the Chrome mobile browser.
  • Do people need the Vew app to view the content?
    No they do not. Once you embed your experience into your website using the link provided by the Vew app, it will viewable from the Safari mobile browser. Select experiences are also available from the Chrome mobile browser.
  • How stable is the user experience?
    While publishing platforms vary, the experience on the Safari mobile browser is very stable and identical to the Vew app. The content published using the embed link from Vew is fully supported.
  • How much will all this cost?
    Our goal is to make AR content creation streamlined and affordable so we can continuously collaborate and enhance it over time. This is why we have a very simple and reasonable price structure with no minimums or other budget requirements. You can see the pricing here.
  • I have a 3D model made already. Does this help?
    It’s always helpful for designer to have as many references as possible when recreating a physical object. While sometimes the 3D asset you have can be used with very little optimization, often optimizing becomes too time consuming and the designer may decide to create it from scratch. Your estimated cost is then adjusted accordingly and you are notified on the Vew app.
  • How much time does it take to create an AR experience on Vew?
    The average collaboration time is 5-7 days. So you can have an experience available on your website in less than a week!
  • What is the process for creation?
    The process begins with you downloading the Vew app, regestering your brand and providing assets such as photos, videos, scans, models and videos if animation is needed. Shortly you will receive the first version which you can view on the app and quickly provide some revisiting notes using annotations. You can also include any cool ideas that may arise in the creative process. The creation process can be summarized as a collaborative, creative, mobile experience that is as familiar as messaging a friend.
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