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"Slio" by Authentik Studios displaying rich NFT art. Tap on mobile to try it!

Why NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) allow your most diehard fans to collect and display a piece of your brand's legacy.


The way people are displaying NFT content today is mainly though "digital frames" installed in their homes. But this is only the beginning! So whether you are managing a brand or an estate or just want to create and publish unique experiences to be auctioned and collected by your fans, the time to get involved is now. Continue reading below to learn more about how you can easily create & publish unique NFT experiences!

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Offering merchandise is not just limited to social media influencers. NFT art allows brands and celebrities alike to offer limited edition digital versions of their products in a form of "merch".

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The way to showcase NFT art is not only limited to a screen. By creating authentic Augmented Reality Art, you are able to offer a new way for your fans to enjoy the content you create.

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As ways of displaying art expands, offering digital NFT products can become a new revenue stream for your brand. Imagine, limited edition digital drops every quarter to be collected by your super fans!


The below certificate of ownership can be offered right on your website to be purchased by fans and collectors.


Certificate of Ownership


Ukulele w/NFT


Token Type:

Add to Cart




To discover or create 


In addition to offering your NFT content on marketplaces like Foundation & SuperRare, you can retain further control by also offering them right on your website! Tap on the thumbnail above using your phone to view the experience in AR as your fans would view it!



Match with an appropirate Designer and explore ideas!



Collaborate with your Designer by providing feedback & revision notes for your experience


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Once satisfied, Export & Publish the experience to your Website & other NFT Platforms


Limited NFT Drops

Creating custom original art rapidly, allows for a variety of fantastical versions of your product which can be offered on your website at a fraction of what it costs to own your physical item.

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Convert Physical Memorabilia to AR w/NFT

If you already have access to irreplaceable items, digitizing them can eternalize them! The digital version can then be offered as an NFT asset and auctioned to the highest bidder!


Interactive NFTs

By adding interactions to your AR experience, like spacial sound, physics, & animations, you can create fun, game-like experiences which are, you guessed it, minted into a non-fungible token!



Do people need the Vew app to view the content?

No they do not. Once you embed your experience into your website using the link provided by the Vew app, it will viewable from the Safari mobile browser. Select experiences are also available from the Chrome mobile browser.

How stable is the user experience?

While publishing platforms vary, the experience on the Safari mobile browser is very stable and identical to the Vew app. The content published using the embed link from Vew is fully supported.

Can I publish my NFT on other marketplaces?

Yes. The content that you create though Vew can be available on all major NFT marketplaces.

I already have NFT content. Can I convert it to AR?

It depends. Although some 3D content cab be viewable AR with a simple conversion, most content is best created with the intent to release in Mixed Reality. When creating AR w/NFT, you and your designer will discuss ideas that will be best expressed in this medium. These can include interactive & situational content that pushes the boundaries of what's possible with digital content!

How much time does it take to create an AR experience on Vew?

The average collaboration time is 5-7 days. So you can have an experience available on your website in less than a week!

What is the process for creation?

The process begins with you downloading the Vew app, regestering your brand and providing assets such as photos, videos, scans, models and videos if animation is needed. Shortly you will receive the first version which you can view on the app and quickly provide some revisiting notes using annotations. You can also include any cool ideas that may arise in the creative process. The creation process can be summarized as a collaborative, creative, mobile experience that is as familiar as messaging a friend.