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Vertical Art 

Mixed reality for art is a game changer! Not only you can do away with the outdated workflow of photoshopping pieces in your client's environment, you can also really wow them by allowing any piece to be on any wall they choose. Below are 3 ways you can choose to interactively publish your beautiful art pieces right from your website! 


The most obvious way to publish is to include a model for every piece you list on your site. Visitors can tap on your item and launch directly into the experience.


You can also include a number of your pieces which complement each other and allow your visitors to place them anywhere in their environment!


Tap to flip though designs

With this approach you can create a more controlled and informative experience by adding information cards as your visitor plays back your playlist!


Get Started!

Imagine directly publishing monthly playlists of new items right to your client's home! With these and many other publishing options like sharing on Instagram or creating AR ads on Facebook coming very soon, now is the perfect time to get your items AR ready! Download Vew and start today!

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